Hello and welcome!

I am a part time professional photographer, and my work has been featured in books, articles, marketing campaigns, and hung in private collections. I was born and raised in Moscow, Russia, but now Central Kentucky, USA is my home.

Photography has been my passion since I was a kid, but it turned into a small business in 2006. A significant portion of my business is commercial stock photography which explains the great variety in my subjects - travel, people, landscapes, still life, architecture, etc… I can’t constrain myself to a single topic and use a wide gamut of photographic techniques which I am constantly expanding. When making and processing an image, I strive to compact the atmosphere of the scene into two dimensions. My goal is to preserve the breath and vibrancy in order to bring the viewer into the moment.

When looking through the galleries hopefully you will be introduced to new places and see familiar scenes in a different light. Welcome, and thanks for stopping by.

I offer prints of various sizes, canvas gallery wraps, standout displays, fotoflots and digital downloads.

Images will be printed on professional paper of your choice:
Kodak Endura E-Surface
Endura Metallic
Illford's True B&W - for rich black-and-white prints

All prints are guaranteed against color fading for 100 years under normal home display conditions.